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Tyne fire and safety Quality Statement

Quality Statement:

Tyne fire and safety is committed to a policy of continuous improvement of standards within the company and the associated services that we offer.

All employees are trained to carry out the work assigned to them in an efficient and friendly manner. All employees are issued with a company approved set of procedures and standards to ensure that they are aware of what is required of them and that they work to the high standards of customer service required by the business.

Tyne fire and safety expects to work to maintain equal high standards of service and delivery. From time to time Tyne fire and safety will carry out site inspections to ensure that such standards are maintained. A director of Tyne fire and safety will deal directly with a director of any site found to fall below the standards required and ensure that immediate steps are taken to remedy such standards.

In addition to the above Tyne fire and safety is committed to:

  • Producing a quality product/service which satisfies, and if possible exceeds, customer expectations
  • Provides its employees with relevant information and appropriate training in quality matters
  • Complying with all relevant statutory requirements
  • Providing a safe environment for its employees
  • Setting measurable quality objectives
  • Striving continually to improve performance in relation to quality

Quality Director:

Tyne fire and safety takes all issues of Quality of its products and services extremely seriously. At meetings any issues of quality raised by customer are reviewed and then Tyne fire and safety ensures that appropriate action has been taken. Quality standards are reviewed and improved in the light of any specific issues.

Dealing with Quality Issues:

The company bases all its quality initiatives on the target of total client satisfaction.

Any contact with a customer is fully recorded and quotations and specifications are drawn up in a clear and comprehensive manner to ensure that these can be easily understood. Any requests for clarification are dealt with quickly and professionally.

All employees are regularly reminded of the importance of customer satisfaction by means of company notice boards and bulletins. The company carries out regular surveys of its clients to establish that their requirements are being fully met.

Quality Suppliers:

Tyne fire and safety is committed to using suppliers that have the same ethos on quality management as them.

Tyne fire and safety provides all its suppliers and contractors with details of its Quality Management Statement so as to ensure that its commitment to quality is understood throughout its supply chain. Tyne fire and safety will endeavour to ensure that similar quality measures are in place at such suppliers and contractors.